Oscar Gomez

Born in Mexico, he moved to Italy with his parents when he was three years old, moving between Mexico to Italy over few years. He then moved back to Sesto Calende in the northwest of Italy. As a teenager, he attended Technical Electronic High School.

When he was younger, at school also played in other groups including Rock Band “Black Fires” and “Marshall Plan” with schoolfriend fellows, and Pop Rock band named “Blackout”. When he meets Kyra and Ggian they start to play together. During the 2016 summer they founded the new metalcore inspired band named “Atlas” joining two other musician school friends Roby and Rick Patera.

He was music influenced by his parents by Mexican and Italian origins, he likes BMTH, RKL, ZZTop, Santana and many others; he is a Musician electronic sound expert and he makes its own special pedal effects and also play guitar, often he write songs, lyrics and poems. He likes football and archery.

In 2017 Oscar graduated in Electronics and Electrotechnics thanks to his projects as Analogic Effects for Bass and Guitar, and a project of Pilots ANR Headsets, winner of a technical contest. After completing the diploma Oscar has worked as a music producer, audio engineer, promoter, booker and graphic designer and many other roles within the industry. Oscar was also interested in sound engineering, electronic music, so he decided to continue studying and do the diploma in Audio Production. Starting from the end of 2017 Oscar was selected to enter the SAE Institute of Milan for a Bachelor in BA/BSc (Hons) Audio Production attending seminars for recording and mixing as well as mastering and music production. During this period Oscar created its own personal recording studio with analogic and digital instruments and production equipment. Striving to completely eliminate from his schedule any potential sleeping hours, he is currently working between Milan and Mexico City, with its own studio brand named “Moonplex Music by Oscar Gomez”. Oscar’s experience and innate musicality has enabled him to work successfully with artists of many different genres. Oscar believes strongly in the value that an experienced music producer/engineer can bring to any project; whether it’s arrangement ideas, the technical expertise to allow any idea to be fully realized, or just an objective sounding board. The right music producer helps the artist achieve his vision in a more complete, timely, effective manner.

Oscar Gomez is the owner of MOONPLEX Music Production and Audio Engineering, a music production studio located in Italy.