Rick Patera

Student at High School and Conservatory, at the age of eight years he approach the world of music beginning play the violin and one year later enters the conservatory passing the selection.
After years of classic music studies he embraces the genre of rock, metal and folk joining rock bands like “Alaska” and Irish bands like the “Bards from Yesterday”; then he joined the metalcore and hard-rock band the “Atlas” with the brother Roby Patera and the other members of the band.
Influenced by fellows he begins to listen to genres such as rock and metal, with bands like Metallica, Guns’n’Roses, Green Day, Sum 41, Disturbed, SOAD, BMTH, Slipknot and others … is a musician both acoustic and electric, capable of also playing guitar and piano, and create cover in its own unique style. He likes play Football and he likes Bikes.