Kyra was born in UK and moved to Italy at a young age. She was raised by her father and mother, who recognised Kyra’s passion for art and music at only age of just two years old. Kyra began with playing the piano and wrighting her own songs at the age of seven. She took an interest to the guitar not that long after seeing her dad composing his own songs too.
Her brother, Ggian, introduced her to a new world: Bring Me The Horizon. From there she did her own research and found out about many other bands such as Icon for Hire that then inspired her to sing that genre aswell.
Before she would sing in duets and other bands

When she met Oscar she starting taking composing music seriously and wrote many songs true to her.
In the summer 2016 she introduced her old band to Oscar, and they all loved the same genre and most importantly they all had the same big picture painted in their head for what they were looking for in music.
With lots of help along the way from her parents, she, as all the other artists in the band took this as a very important chance to get them selves out there and show the world what they had to offer. She’s definitely a talented artist. Kyra also has a passion for dance, she won many awards for it growing up, painting and poetry.